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  • Work with Content Management Systems, Google Analytics & Google webmaster tools

  • Manage marketing technology with a strategic viewpoint to track and analyze for web sites, digital advertising, social media, email

  • Fluent in strategic brand marketing, digital marketing vehicles, website operations

  • Communicate to the public through various advertising and marketing pieces such as: eBlasts/Fax Blasts, YouTube Video streaming, Web Banners, 2D/3D Ad Pieces, HTML Mail Pieces, high impact interactive ebooks/flipbooks, Marketing Promo pieces (Billboards, Signs, Flyers, Brochures, Direct Mail Pieces)

  • Designed and maintained 100 page Intranet site for department policies and procedures

  • Generation of dynamic webpages incorporation for ecommerce and data-based websites

  • Ability to conceptualize and produce compelling visual presentations in a variety of media to convey complex messages as well as personal expression to a wide variety of audiences

  • Develop visual presence and advertising strategies on Wordpress, eBlogger, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

  • Create web layouts to meet client standards, branding and concepts using Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop incorporating CSS/style sheets and various programming languages

  • Web programming and maintenance using HTML and other web languages and hand coding

  • Visualize, design, and produce high impact B2B and B2C marketing and follow up materials targeting specific audiences that meet and support client business concepts, standards, branding and specs including graphic and web images, logos and layouts, customer proofs, storyboards and mockups

  • Assist clients and project analysts in the design of aesthetically pleasing and functional websites, graphics, images, layouts and presentations meeting their corporate standards

  • Site administration and management, domain name registration and management

  • Design stand alone, multimedia and PowerPoint CD/DVD presentations with video and sound

  • Organize multiple projects meeting multiple deadlines using various software programs

  • Coordinate photo/studio sessions with clients/artists, press checks and creative meetings

  • Planned, organized, produced, implemented, coordinated, and followed-up on various advertising pieces and magazine layouts, press releases, radio/newspaper advertising with the Marketing Management

  • Create budgets, proposals, pricelists, and estimates for various projects from customer specs

  • Digital page assembly using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop for PDF workflow

  • Image manipulation/creation, optimization and web conversion with Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Collaborated with marketing teams to define branding and advertising pieces

  • Incorporate text style sheets, printer marks, color separations, templates, master pages within projects

  • Digital prepress, printing, production art, preflight and customer file preparation for print and the web

  • Efficiently managed multiple, concurrent projects in different stages from short to long turnaround times

  • Setup, stage and coordination of props, signs, banners, materials for corporate functions and trade shows

  • Supervised and train production graphic artists and print specialists

  • Ability to learn and adapt new technologies and software


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